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Boosting Job Applicants for YMCA El Paso

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

With summer just around the corner, the YMCA of El Paso needed to quickly hire and train an abundance of lifeguards to monitor the large number of pools they manage throughout El Paso County and Ft. Bliss. EFO Media was asked to formulate a plan to quickly develop a robust candidate list to cover the current YMCA lifeguard job openings and also build an archive of reserve applicants to prepare for future employment needs throughout the entire summer season and beyond.

EFO determined the quickest way to build an extensive supply of job applicants was to create an online employment application form that could function as a landing page for a widespread social media marketing campaign. Building the employment application form within the current YMCA of El Paso website wasn't a possibility due to the fast-approaching deadline, so EFO Media opted to develop a stand-alone employment applicant microsite instead.


Click the link below to see the YMCA employment microsite.


The project was approved to move forward in early March and the microsite was up and running within a couple of days. Social media marketing began immediately afterward and was very successful right out of the gate. The YMCA employment campaign resulted in a great amount of web traffic averaging almost 1,000 site sessions and 100 job applicants per month. Needless to say, the YMCA of El Paso was extremely pleased with the results and the summer swimming season had more than enough lifeguards available to supervise El Paso County's pools!


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