Why EFO Media is Different

July 19, 2018/0/0
At EFO Media, our clients come from a range of industries and from all different stages of development. But what they all have in common is that they value our informed, intelligent approach to media buying.


Founded in 2013 by Ellen F. Ordaz, EFO Media prides itself on providing strategic media plans with measurable results. In an increasingly confusing advertising field, we use our experience with traditional and digital media platforms to develop comprehensive, multifaceted approaches that balance frequency and cost-efficiency.


Unlike media providers and other advertising agencies, we don’t use templated strategies. To create our campaigns, we use the latest buying tools, software, and market research to create detailed, deliberate plans unique to each client. As part of our commitment to transparency, integrity, and always prioritizing client needs, we do not accept gifts or favors from media companies in return for purchasing ads. Our recommendations are based solely on delivering a solid return on your investment.


With over 75 years of combined media experience, our expert staff is thoroughly versed in negotiating, auditing, and post analysis. By bringing together our commitment to client goals, exhaustive analysis, and extensive expertise, we deliver advertising for impact.


Want to know more? Send us a note on Facebook Messenger, email us at info@efo-media.com, or give us a call at (915) 307-3786. You’re also welcome to stop by and enjoy the views from our Coronado Tower office on El Paso’s Westside. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your advertising needs.

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